Michael Neill – Coaching From the Inside Out (Self-study Program)

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Michael Neill – Coaching From the Inside Out (Self-study Program)

I love to just “talk shop” with people who want to make more of a difference in the world, so a few years back, I offered an three day workshop called “ Coaching from the Inside Out “. This was a chance to get straight to the heart of the inside-out understanding as it applies to working with others. No supervision and nothing to memorize or practice – just a deep dive into what it is to be a spiritual being having a human experience and how we can help ourselves and our clients have higher performance, deeper connections with others, and a richer experience of life.

Coaching from the inside out isn’t just about getting more out of a person in the moment. It’s about pointing them towards the source of great performance until they see it for themselves and can connect with it almost at will. It’s less about setting someone’s emotions on fire than re-igniting their divine spark, which feels like inspired well-being on the inside and looks like a twinkle in their eyes to the world.

There is a beautiful story about the spiritual teacher Syd Banks talking about the inside-out approach with a man who was considering changing careers and beginning to work with people in this new way.

“ I loved every minute of Coaching From the Inside Out. I would recommend to any coach whether at the beginning of their journey or way down it, that this experience will significantly shift your philosophy, attitude and behaviour for you as a coach. Such a refreshing and revitalising way to look at how to coach someone (and oh yes of course your own life…) The only slight problem is you realise it is difficult to reconcile with what you were doing beforehand as a coach- and you now want to talk about coaching very differently! Which is a very liberating place to be.”

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