David Shade – Date Hot Young Women

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David Shade – Date Hot Young Women

Are you an older man looking to have sex with hot young women?

Are you a single dad looking to bang college girls with tight body?

Then this will change your life…

Hi. My name’s David. I’m 62 years old. I’m a grandfather.

Last year, I was able to sex with a beautiful 18 year old.-An old woman.

And three 19 yo’s, two 20 yo’s, three 22 yo’s, and three 24 yo’s.

All of them are very sexy, with long hair and beautiful smiles.

They look like fitness models, with most of them having bodies that look like those of models. Half of them are not allowed to drink.

And no I didn’t pay for it. They’re not prostitutes or gold-diggers. These girls are just normal girls, just like the cute young women you see every day.

I thought I was too young. But now I’m a grandfather who fucks young hot women.

Society would not approve. Radical feminists might label me a sexual predator preying upon innocent young naive girls.

Well I’ll let you in on a little secret…

Young Women are not innocent or naive. They are sexual perverts and deviant!

They fantasize about having sex with an older man. It’s known as the “professor fantasy” Or “school girl fantasy”.

These young women don’t care what society thinks. They don’t care what moralists think. Young Women will act upon their fantasies. Simple and straightforward.

But young women do NOT want society to know what they’re doing! They do it secretly. And that’s why nobody knows about it.

What did you do to learn more?

My monthly interview series consists of interviews with different people. One month, I interviewed a middle-aged man.-Dawson, an old man.

And in the past 10 years he’s fucked countless stunning young women between 18 and 24.

He’s a typical guy just like you and me with an interesting story…

He’s a 52 year-Old single dad, with a management job in a tech company.

Because society expected him to, he got married immediately after college.

It ended in a brutal custody battle and bloody divorce. It’s not surprising.

He was then diagnosed with cancer. Doctors gave him six months of life and advised him to organize his affairs.

They finally found it to be harmless after many weeks of testing.

So he made the decision to live his OWN happy. He didn’t give a crap what society thought. (You only live once and you don’t know how long.)

He planned to meet younger women. Hot women. With tight arms.

He put aside any preconceived notions and remained focused on his goal. He was unstoppable. He was determined to solve it.

He tried it cold-approach pick-up. But young women ignored him. (Society would mock them for talking with an older man. Hot young women get sex all the time.

He tried online dating.

He was ignored on the main sites. (Young On the main sites, women talk only to their age. Young women are also bombarded with messages.

Fake profiles were used to scam him on the fetish sites. (Young Hot women will never visit adult fetish sites.

But on a couple of special dating sites, he had a very different experience…

Young Hot women saw his profile and chose it to be their favorite. They were even flirting with each other!

He discovered the place where hot young women meet older men. Nobody else sees it. And that’s how girls keep it private.

He created a perfect online profile. Many young women feigned interest in him. Some women even sent him messages.

He perfected his message-writing skills. His messages were more popular among young women.

Then, he developed his escalation strategies.

And he began meeting hot young women.

These young women wanted to meet him in a safe neutral place (to make sure it was really him) but they didn’t want to meet in a public place where they would be seen by anyone they knew. He suggested an out-of-the-way place.

They would get to know each other and then they would go to his house and have a good time.

These women loved it! They were thrilled to be with an older man.

They kept coming back. They would visit every other day just to have sex.

Dawson was not only able to fulfill their wishes, he was also helping them realize their dreams. (That’s a true gentleman.)

He perfected his techniques over the next ten years and became hotter and more attractive to women.

They also get hotter the older they get.

In his spare time, he now coaches men on how to do it. His clients have more young, hot girls than the average 20-year old.-Men get it.

I was both impressed and fascinated by his work. I asked him to coach my. (Even though he charges hundreds per hour for his wisdom it was well worth it to me!)

He explained everything to me and I began immediately to apply it.

He told me to create my profile. Young Women began to flirt with me.

I sent the same messages to each girl. I simply copied and pasted the messages Dawson sent me.

I started meeting women.

The 26-year-old first was the most recent.-old blonde. Her body was attractive and she was beautiful. To meet me at the small restaurant next to my home, she drove nearly an hour.

Conversation was very good. We got along well. We flirted. Then we went straight to mine and had sex. It was working!

Dawson told me later about it, and he suggested that I talk to younger women.

Next was 18-year-old. Yes, 18!

She’s a freshman at a local university living in the dorms. We communicated well and she became interested in me. Because she was too young and not able to drink, I suggested we meet at a café halfway between us.

She was adorable when I met her. It was really adorable. It’s 18!

They had a lot fun talking and flirting. I could tell that she was interested in me, even though I was over three times her age.

She wanted to know how I felt about the age difference. Naturally, I agreed. I asked her what she thought about our age differences. She smiled, and she said, “I think it’s naughty”.

You have it! Young women like it because it’s naughty! (Young Women are not innocent or naive.

And then… we started making out. (Her lips were softly sweet.

We had been watched closely by others so I suggested we go somewhere private. She stated that she has never been on a first date with a man. Understood.

I was disappointed. I was bummed, but I was also excited because I had just fallen in love with an 18-year old.-old!

We continued to text each other.

I suggested we meet up again at a different cafe a few days later. She suggested that she come to mine. Sure!

She looked stunning on the big day. She was so sweet and adorable. And young.

After a while, we started to make out. I just took her hand, and she followed me into my bedroom.

We spent the next few minutes sucking and fucking. I couldn’t believe I was fucking an 18 year-old! (And I made her squirt for her first time in her short life.

I was amazed how fucking powerful Dawson’s strategy is. It was working so well I couldn’t believe it – even though it was happening right in front of me!

Then there was the 22-year.-Old athlete. Six feet tall, she had an incredible body. She finished college on a scholarship.-For volleyball, you can ride an athletic scholarship. (Volleyball girls can be hot!)

She wore an amazing dress when we met up for dinner at a great restaurant downtown.-Six-inch heels and a short, black dress. She towered over my head! And she was way in front of me. (You should have observed the look on our faces.

She said that she has been in relationships with both basketball and football players. “they’re immature and selfish. I prefer older men”.

You have it! Young Women prefer older men.

After we got back to her house, she suggested that I video record our sex. Sure! I still enjoy that video.

There was then the 24-year period-An old lady who had never experienced a vaginal Orgasm before. That was fixed!

Then came the 20-year.-An old spinner with a tight, little stomach that could be bounced quarters off. We had to slow down at first because her pussy was so tight. This was no problem.

There was then the string of 19-years-olds. It’s so much fun to dine with a cute 19 year old and see the looks that people give us as we flirt and plan our trip to my house to fuck.

There were even more young hot girls. There were more.

Now, I have a steady supply of hot young pussy. And I’m 62 for fucks sake!

They came to me from the comfort of my own home.

It’s all done online…

These are not fake adult friend finding websites that spam girls with fake profiles.

We’re talking about real valid dating websites with real live young hot women.

Actually, these dating sites attract more women than men. (The women also compete for the men!)

How did these young women discover about these dating sites?

From their girlfriends! They talk to their girlfriends. (If you could hear what girls say in private you’d be shocked!)

One girl will tell her best friend to keep it secret. She will then tell her about the older man who she is. “seeing”. The other girl is curious about how they met. Another girl joins the pool  This is where you’ll find it.

So, why is it that young women want to fuck older guys? The answer goes back as far as time…

Women Nature seeks out men with good genes. They are also more likely to live longer because they have better genes than younger men. (Men are more tolerant as they age.

Women Nature calls for a man who is able to provide and protect. The most advanced species in the food chain, humans, do not value brute force animalistic strength as highly as more high-level qualities. Older men are more successful because they have more power, resources and wisdom.

Young Women today want to be respected for what they do on their own. They seek out advice from others. “mentor” It was done by others.

Young Women just want to look all grown up.-up. They want to grow.-Have learned from my mistakes and gained new experiences-Up sex. (Girls grow up much faster than boys.

Young women are fed up “boys” They are selfish and immature at their age.

But the biggest reason why young women long to fuck older men is… (wait for it)… because it’s taboo! (Young women are total pervs, just because it’s taboo they want to do it!)

These older men are the ones who frequent these dating websites.

They have one important trait… They believe there’s nothing wrong with being with young hot women.

That’s it!

Do you feel guilty about your sexual attraction to young, nubile females?

That was the way society did it to you. Societal programming incorporated pedophiles as well as sex.-Abusers with any “dirty old man” Anyone who is looking to have a relationship with a legal 18-year old woman.

Don’t let anyone tell you what YOUR happiness should be.

Remember, 18 year old women don’t feel guilty about fucking older men! Don’t feel guilty about fucking 18-year old women!

And you don’t have to be rich or handsome. It’s not about money or looks.

You must also have your shit together.

Some dating gurus might try to sell you an e-pipe-dream that any man who’s fat, broke and playing video games in Mom’s basement can bang young hot chicks. That’s bullshit! To get that shit to work, he would need a leprechaun to be his wingman.

No, what I’m talking about is actual truth and hard evidence. This is the real secret.

Are you concerned about what it might cost? “act young”?

It would be the worst thing that you could do! Young Women love the maturity of older men. You will learn how to be more like you, and not less.

Do you feel invisible to young girls?

Young women won’t let anyone see their conversations with older men. Second, young women need to be careful because they can get trolled. All. The. Time.

The hot ones, especially. (And we’re talking about fucking young HOT women.)

But come to these special dating websites and you will get hit on by so many young hot women that you’ll feel like a rock star!

These sites have the hottest girls on any dating site!

You don’t even have to initiate conversation with the girls. They will begin a conversation with you!

Then the ball’s in your court. It’s your move. And I’ll show you how to play it.

I told Dawson we need to create a program to show men how to do this (and he won’t have to do time-Coaching for individuals

He was willing to agree and we recorded an audio program that explained exactly how it worked.

This is what I mean by complete. These audios took us over a whole year to complete. I recorded 16 hours of pure gold, while Dawson shared his wisdom. (They are still my favorite podcasts.

The audios will show you my progress towards becoming better and more proficient at this task.

I even recorded the coaching calls with Dawson when he first taught me how to do this. You’ll hear my trials and tribulations. (It’s somewhat embarrassing, but it’s important.) You will learn from my mistakes so you won’t make them.

Even recorded an entire interview with his girlfriend. A stunning 24-year-old. It’s smoking hot, stunning!

This audio program is simple to use. Just listen while you’re driving or whatever.

We’ll show you step by step, in detail, what to do and what to say. Everything is clearly stated. There is nothing left to chance. It’s all covered.

You will discover…

  • The best websites to meet young hot women who are looking for mature men
  • What to write in a brief profile that will have the girls coming to you
  • How to create authentic attraction
  • How to be confident – not arrogant or braggy or try-Hard
  • Exactly what to say in your messages – just copy/paste
  • How to escalate things sexually – simple and straightforward
  • How to close the deal – works every time
  • How to have her cumming back for more
  • How to explore a woman’s fantasies and bring them to life
  • How being authentic will allow you to connect with women
  • The correct mindset that will change your life and draw young hot women to you

This program worked for men like you. Here’s an email from Ben in Pennsylvania…

I received a 24-Year-An old blonde drove an hour to get to my house. There will be no meeting in public places. You can go straight to my place!

It is amazing that she drove to me from a rural area while I live in a rural one. It’s rare for younger women to do that, especially when there are so many men in their area.

Once she reached my house, we were able to get it done in 10 minutes!

What would you do for results like this?

Your online profile will allow you to receive messages from attractive young women on the dating site.

Just check your messages and decide who you’ll write back. It’s that simple.

And I’ll show you exactly what to say back to them. The words can be copied/pasted. The exact wording was perfected by Dawson over a period of ten years. This attracts the girls even more.

Then I’ll show you the words to use to entice her and excite her. We have extensive experience in this field. This will increase the value of your services.

And I’ll show you exactly how to close the deal.

Next, you will have a drink with her (she must verify that you are real you). You just need to show up and be a gentleman. All the work is done.

You can even listen to an entire audio on the topics you are interested in. But there’s nothing to memorize. We help you be more like you.

After having a drink, you just suggest that they go. “somewhere more private”. She will have a lot of fun with you. It’s why she came! The messages had done all the work.

Here’s another mature man who had success. Michael in Texas wrote…

“Dawson, you’re a fucking genius! I get more college chicks now after my divorce than I did when I was in college!’

Do you think that you have missed out on the opportunity to work hard all your life?

Are you fed up with nagging nags?

Do you get tired of downloading porn from young, hot women and wishing that you could have the real thing?

Well I have good news for you – you are now eligible to fuck countless young hot women who can’t wait to meet you!

Here’s an email from Robert in New Jersey:

“My ex-My wife completely fucked me during the divorce. She should have known how many beautiful women I now fuck. 

And this is why I love Stuart’s email from Arizona:

“I tell the girls to meet me at this French restaurant. I hand my car over to the valet, and then I go to the hostess to inform her about my reservation. The girl arrives in an Uber just a few moments later and brings us to the table.

After dinner, I and the girl pass the hostess. We then get in our car at valet. Now everytime I show up the hostess keeps watching for an Uber because she can’t wait to see the next girl I’m gonna fuck!”

These hot young women will fuck an older male. Would you want it to be you?

What does it cost to you to have a young woman with a firm, naked body looking for a fuck?

Is it worth your time to have a never ending life?-Ending fountain of youth for real young hot women

Most likely a fortune

But thanks to Dawson and me, you’re gonna get action for a sliver of that.

But it’s not going to be fifty bucks. It’s no cheap-ass pdf file (that you’d have to carve out time to read). This complete audio program can be listened to as you go about your daily life.

This program is not suitable for everyone. It’s $197. It’s not for guys who are broke.

I’m so sure that this program will make you a hot young pussy. If in 60 days you don’t fuck a young HOT woman between 18 and 24, just email me and I’ll give you all your money back. No questions asked.

This program can be accessed instantly. You will not receive anything in the mail.

Listen to the audios, and you’ll be part of an elite group of mature men who will fuck young hot women.

Are you ready to have hot sex?

You’re only moments away from hearing the audios and experiencing the biggest transformation of your life…